Free 8 Week Video Series

Join Trey on this exciting journey through the chakras with the power of aroma.

We begin  in Lesson 1 with Cedarwood as we prepare our auric field for the journey ahead.

Lessons 2-8 explore one of the major chakras and how aroma can assist us in balancing the energy that flows through each.

Lesson 1 is available Now with each additional lesson available on Fridays through the end of May.

Lesson 2 - Available Now The Root Chakra

Lesson 3 - Available Now The Sacral Chakra

Lesson 4 - Available Now The Solar Plexus Chakra

Lesson 5 - Available Now The Heart Chakra

Lesson 6 - Available Now The Throat Chakra

Lesson 7 - Available May 22 The Third Eye Chakra

Lesson 8 - Available May 29 The Crown Chakra

I hope to see you in class,

Lots of Love,